Thursday, October 6, 2011

Haters and Halloween!!

First up Halloween is in the everyone's mind with the questions: What am I going to be dressed as? What party will I be hitting? Or for promoters and club owners, who will be hosting my event?

I am a Hostess, Model and Business Owner with the hottest girls in the Tri-state that are available to host your event, be a shot girl, body painted model, and GoGo Dancer and make your event stand out above the rest! So if interested in more info visit: http://www/ or email: today.

Ok, so it has been brought to my attention today that my most recent Profile pic has been flagged and removed from my FB page. Now I have noticed recently that I am having more and more haters get on my pics. But the question is WHY? What in the pics do you see that you feel that I should be hated on.

Is it the fact that I look better then you?
Is it that my ass is real and its bigger and rounder then yours?
Is it 'cuz my friends are hotter, smarter, and in better shape then you?
Or is it because you have nothing better to do then go on your mans page and flag my pics cuz you caught him jerking off to them, and instead of addressing him like a real woman you decided to flag every girl pics you see?

Please help me to understand this, because wether you like it or not, I'm gonna keep doing me and I will continue to make hot images and get paid and build my empire and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Where pretty soon you will see my face EVERYWHERE, on your cosmetic counter, in your clothing store, online, on your shoe rack, in your favorite magazine and in your man dreams at night.

So don't get it twisted...This just makes me go harder and do better, so keep hating...So I'm going to give you something to hate on!!

For your viewing pleasure: The photos that have recently been Flagged on my page!!!

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